Stand for what you believe

OK I was thinking too few of us do not stand up for what we believe . Seems too many people are stealing and just say it is ok if they do not catch me ? I missed that memo . Some have their parents pay their way and bills even if the retired parents must work 2 or more jobs . I have heard so many parents say I have to help them they are working and not getting all they want I phones . 200 channels on TV , I pad , 80 dollar sunglasses and video games . These parents feel so guilt ridden . Where was the respect for your parents ? We have more and more able bodied adults on aid and they say it is their right to get aid and not do anything . I believe in God and I will never feel shame over that , I shall stand tall in my faith . I raised some fine children who work , save , believe in God and family , I shall stand tall in my family . Stealing is wrong , disrespect is wrong , Lying is wrong and cheating is wrong . We need to all stand for life .


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