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 This is the time of the year we give thanks . Thanks for family , friends , animals , Sunshine , moon glow , heaven and earth . We as people often do not take the time to stop and really look . How often do you look at the sky and see the colors blues , grays , whites and blacks . We need to look so much more at the world around us . Happy Thanksgiving



 Oh this is such a great time of the year . I have been raking leaves and cleaning flower beds . The air is crisp and smells clean and fresh . There is hot apple cider to drink and the thrill of the change of seasons . The other great thing is burning of leaves the smell and the feel of fall is here . I enjoy driving around and looking at the leaves changing colors and the pines being so bright green . This is such a great time of the year . If anyone reads this please tell me what you do or do not enjoy about fall .

Yesterday and Grandma Honey

OK this was Halloween long long long ago in a time long gone . We used to dress up and go house to house saying trick or treat and thank you . We had this lovely elderly lady that everyone called Grandma Honey . She was a good lady who lived in a large home which always had flowers and pumpkins in the fall . No one ever smashed pumpkins back in the day . Grandma Honey used to hand home baked cookies out from time to time as we kids passed her house . We always said thank you and she always asked how was school , how are you and had a huge smile . Grandma Honey ‘s husband had died and her children had moved away . When Halloween came she made popcorn balls and handed each child one . This was a time when you never heard of people putting bad things in candy and giving it out . This was a time when kids did not smash pumpkins people had out or steal from smaller children . This was a time when a loving lady made things by hand and you never had to say why did she put anything in it . Grandma Honey told each child how scary or beautiful they looked at Halloween . This was such a warm time to live unlike today . Today people would ban their children from this lady and throw out whatever she gave out . Today police would check the lady out and warn her to stop . Grandma Honey loved children , flowers , holidays and her neighbors . We all loved her and this was such a golden time . My grand children do not know people like this or a time when you did not worry about candy from neighbors , My gran children now tell me about their friends who smash people pumpkins and tear or steal the things people place out to make things beautiful . They tell me how if you do not have the newest outfits from the store other make fun of you and make others cry . They cringe thinking of home made things . This is to the lovely Grandma honey ‘s we all knew that hold warm spot for us .

Old TV shows

We enjoyed a wonderful game card with friends . The chat was about past TV shows . Martin loves the Lone Ranger and was not a fan of the new movie . He was a huge fan and the new Ranger did not have the matching guns and was missing the back ground of TV Ranger . My lovely wife loved the Avengers with the clothes and secret weapons (the lady of the show kicked butt without the aid of the male) . Martin’s wife Jan loved Bewitch she said Sam could just twitch her nose and poofed it was done . I was the Man from UNCLE they were smart snappy dressers and what wit . All these and many other shows had no real sex , blood , foul language and all the players had class . It is always nice to meet with friends and chat , laugh and share . What was your favorite show ? What do you enjoy doing with friends ?

Stand for what you believe

OK I was thinking too few of us do not stand up for what we believe . Seems too many people are stealing and just say it is ok if they do not catch me ? I missed that memo . Some have their parents pay their way and bills even if the retired parents must work 2 or more jobs . I have heard so many parents say I have to help them they are working and not getting all they want I phones . 200 channels on TV , I pad , 80 dollar sunglasses and video games . These parents feel so guilt ridden . Where was the respect for your parents ? We have more and more able bodied adults on aid and they say it is their right to get aid and not do anything . I believe in God and I will never feel shame over that , I shall stand tall in my faith . I raised some fine children who work , save , believe in God and family , I shall stand tall in my family . Stealing is wrong , disrespect is wrong , Lying is wrong and cheating is wrong . We need to all stand for life .

Pay forward

My neighbor has broken his arm and his wife is now working double shifts from down sizing . I felt this was a great day to mow grass . I know some say it is never a great day for that . Well I enjoy yard work so I mowed . I also mowed my neighbors yard and pulled his trash can out for pick up in the morning . No I did not do this for any reason other than I wanted too . They was so happy for a small help that he paid for a lady to board his bus you did not have change , he paid for her . The next day she told him on the bus that she paid the extra dollar a gentleman was lacking for lunch that same day , None of this is anything major or earth moving but it seems it just kept rolling along . I never even thought that small thing like grass or trash would add to anyone or anything . seems that by the end of the week Tony said 15 people had passed a small smile along . This is kind of nice in this busy world .

hand up or hand out

A welfare lady just moved in across the street and my wife went to say welcome . The younger lady is between 25-30 has 3 children ages 6-13 . She has said she has never worked and her dad is paying half her rent to move her out of his home . She is a proud young lady . She has lived here 3 months and she and the children are quiet except the children do not go to school so maybe she home schools them . They are are up until 2-3 am . This is what I was wondering the good book says teach a man to fish and he and his family will eat and prosper forever , hand him fish to eat and he eats for a day . Does our system help or make it so people can not support and help themselves ? What happens when the children are grown and moved on ? What does this young lady do ? What is the next payment coming from ? Should we help to give them some training so they may work and move up in life ? I also found out they can sell their food stamp card for cash and call to say they lost it and get another . This lovely lady says she sells hers all the time and just gets another . She says she does this to pay for fast food which they all like and eat (that is all they eat ), plus the beer and smokes . I know we all need help from time to time but when do we give life a hand up ?