A brave friend

This is about a little guy who had a huge heart . He loved his family and stood by and protected them . He stood watch over the new baby while she slept in her crib and let anyone entering know he was there watching . Yes this is a pet a dog . Max guarded the babe as she grew and played . He slept by her bed and played even when she dressed him in silly clothes . He waited until the family had finished their dinners then he ate . When it was cold or rainy out he went potty fast and herded them back into the house . Max loved the outside and the cold and rain never bothered him . He would lay in the backseat while they drove and was quiet . He woke everyone up after Santa came or the Easter Bunny so everyone had a good time . Max began walking slower and eating less and stairs was so hard to climb . He had trouble checking to be sure everyone was in bed and safe so a little girl carried him up the stairs to check on everyone . Dad carried Max back down the stairs and slept on the sofa so Max could lay beside him and feel he was still doing his job . Max has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running and loving his time with the angels . I know Max is waiting for his family there on the other side and is watching over them still . So bye my friend and wait for us to cross the bridge to your waiting love .


The children are hope

My grand daughter Susan is in second grade and so proud . She changes classes this year and not like the little kids (like she was in first grade ) . My wife picked Susan up after school and the poor thing was in tears . When asked what was wrong she said her friend Karen can not be her friend after school or when Karen ‘ s parents are there . She and Karen have been buds since first grade and she was planning to have Karen this year on her birthday . They seem to like the same things and Susan is always talking about Karen and Jenny . Well it seems Karen ‘s Dad was picking her up after school and she told Susan not to stand near her or talk to her . Karen said Susan was her secret pal . Susan asked why and told Karen she was going to ask to have Karen and Jenny over to her house . Karen said she can not her Dad does not like white people or Mexicans and Jenny is Mexican . Susan said that should not matter they like all the same stuff and started to cry . When Karen ‘s Dad was pulling in she ran from the girls . jenny said she knew she was a secret pal as Karen had told her she can not be friends with her or Karen ‘s Dad will get mad . Jenny said last year Karen ‘s Dad yelled at Karen to get away from Jenny as she was no good . Jenny said her grandma said just be a secret pal and let it go . Seems children hear this at such a young age . My wife told out daughter in law and they will have a talk to Susan . My wife said words hurt and people sometimes say the wrong things . She also said Jenny was a brave girl and it was nice she was still a secret pal . Susan said she would be a secret pal as she likes Karen a lot . Children are such a joy .

The new thing ” They are bored “

We went to a lovely cookout at some friends house . My friends was discussing that their garage windows had gotten broken out . They called the police to report this . The police also feel it was children and that the ” kids are bored ” . Yes that is what they said . The officers said that petty crime like windows in garages , cars and homes was up as kids are bored . My pay Randy said he hears this all the time from his grand children “we are bored “

 Remember when you was a kid way back when . We played out side all day . We rode bikes , played ball , played tag , played hide and seek . Did we or you say to ours parents I am bored ? Seem even my grand kids have trouble self entertaining . They do great with computers , PS3  and their cell phones . I must say that my grand kids also play baseball and basketball . I will also say my son has said the kids are bored we need to take them to so and so . Where sis this term come from about being bored ?

To Tell or Not To Tell ??

OK my wife and I had a nice dinner with some friends . The topic came up about do you tell a friend something that may hurt them . My wife has a pal that wants something so bad that they dream about it , they do not let anyone in as they are waiting to get what they want . My wife and another friend know that what they are waiting on may never happen . That what they desire does not really desire them in the same way . So what they asked was do you tell and maybe end a friendship and hurt someone or say nothing and let they get hurt later on ????

To good health

I have some friends who have gone thru some real health issues . Ralph and his wife was taking a long road trip last fall when he fell ill . He was having heart failure . He had just had a full check up and all they said was COPD and acid reflux . Well it was not any of those . He was rushed back and placed in a hospital . They was told that there was not much they could do as his heart was in too bad of shape . He got this heart vest that was to be worn 24/7 . The rent on that was 1000.00 a month . They were coping well. Then he started failing and was taken to another clinic . There a wonderful heart doctor placed a pace maker in his chest . They had been told his heart was too weak for one earlier . Well he had so many people praying for them it worked . He has had the pace maker since March and is doing great . They found out he never had COPD or acid reflux . They are planing a long road trip this November . Here is a miracle . Love and prayers to all .

For the want of Love

I saw a movie that starred Audrey Hepburn so I got a book about her to read . Yes a book . Here was a lady who was good at what she did . The one thing wanted most was the love and the acceptance from those she cared for . Her father left the family when she was six . Her mother believed you did not tell children I love you and you did great . She told her children that everyone comes first and them last . Audrey waited after every movie to hear from her mother and husbands that she did great in this movie or that . What she heard was so and so was better , they was thinner and looked better . They really liked what she did . The thing was is they believed by telling her who was better in what would make her work harder and be great . They did think she was good and did great but their words is all Audrey heard . This lady never heard what she needed from those she cared for . The world cared and loved her but she could not hear them because she did not hear from those she loved . Do we tell those we love that we care and they are good at what they do ? How often do we tell them ? This all adds to our lives and builds strong people . The end of Audrey ‘ s story is she smoked 3 packs a day to make her voice deeper and she died looking for the words she never heard from those she loved . Her children and a few friends stood by her bed and told her of their love for her . I know she heard but a life time of not hearing those words from parents and family took a toll . So tell those you love that you love them .

Love of the wee ones

I am new to this but I wanted to tell everyone about my new babe. Max is 3 years old and a cocker all black and full of love . My wife Betty and I was driving home when the car in front threw something out their window . It was Max . We stopped and got him but lost them . He got a broken leg and a few cracked ribs . We took him in to be checked and fell in love . He is now ours .