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Pay forward

My neighbor has broken his arm and his wife is now working double shifts from down sizing . I felt this was a great day to mow grass . I know some say it is never a great day for that . Well I enjoy yard work so I mowed . I also mowed my neighbors yard and pulled his trash can out for pick up in the morning . No I did not do this for any reason other than I wanted too . They was so happy for a small help that he paid for a lady to board his bus you did not have change , he paid for her . The next day she told him on the bus that she paid the extra dollar a gentleman was lacking for lunch that same day , None of this is anything major or earth moving but it seems it just kept rolling along . I never even thought that small thing like grass or trash would add to anyone or anything . seems that by the end of the week Tony said 15 people had passed a small smile along . This is kind of nice in this busy world .