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Yesterday and Grandma Honey

OK this was Halloween long long long ago in a time long gone . We used to dress up and go house to house saying trick or treat and thank you . We had this lovely elderly lady that everyone called Grandma Honey . She was a good lady who lived in a large home which always had flowers and pumpkins in the fall . No one ever smashed pumpkins back in the day . Grandma Honey used to hand home baked cookies out from time to time as we kids passed her house . We always said thank you and she always asked how was school , how are you and had a huge smile . Grandma Honey ‘s husband had died and her children had moved away . When Halloween came she made popcorn balls and handed each child one . This was a time when you never heard of people putting bad things in candy and giving it out . This was a time when kids did not smash pumpkins people had out or steal from smaller children . This was a time when a loving lady made things by hand and you never had to say why did she put anything in it . Grandma Honey told each child how scary or beautiful they looked at Halloween . This was such a warm time to live unlike today . Today people would ban their children from this lady and throw out whatever she gave out . Today police would check the lady out and warn her to stop . Grandma Honey loved children , flowers , holidays and her neighbors . We all loved her and this was such a golden time . My grand children do not know people like this or a time when you did not worry about candy from neighbors , My gran children now tell me about their friends who smash people pumpkins and tear or steal the things people place out to make things beautiful . They tell me how if you do not have the newest outfits from the store other make fun of you and make others cry . They cringe thinking of home made things . This is to the lovely Grandma honey ‘s we all knew that hold warm spot for us .