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hand up or hand out

A welfare lady just moved in across the street and my wife went to say welcome . The younger lady is between 25-30 has 3 children ages 6-13 . She has said she has never worked and her dad is paying half her rent to move her out of his home . She is a proud young lady . She has lived here 3 months and she and the children are quiet except the children do not go to school so maybe she home schools them . They are are up until 2-3 am . This is what I was wondering the good book says teach a man to fish and he and his family will eat and prosper forever , hand him fish to eat and he eats for a day . Does our system help or make it so people can not support and help themselves ? What happens when the children are grown and moved on ? What does this young lady do ? What is the next payment coming from ? Should we help to give them some training so they may work and move up in life ? I also found out they can sell their food stamp card for cash and call to say they lost it and get another . This lovely lady says she sells hers all the time and just gets another . She says she does this to pay for fast food which they all like and eat (that is all they eat ), plus the beer and smokes . I know we all need help from time to time but when do we give life a hand up ?